Premium Plotter Blade

Precise engineered top quality cemented carbide drag knife -plotter blade. Over 500 phases grinding resulting specular gloss. Optimized tip geometry, Rude wearing resistance, accurate offset, lifespan 95% to original factory made.


Professional cutting tool designed for CNC Machines, Topload / Collet Standard Engraving Cutter, Rubber Stamp, ADA, Endmill 1-Flute, 2-Flute, Ball End, Collet Adapter.
  Machinist Tools Section
With TRS 615,000psi USA Carbide
Durable, Mean Tolerances
Hard Metal Remover

- Ground Rod
- Endmill
- Twist drill

Carbide Cutting Tool
Industrial cutting tool for machinist
Fractional/Metric, unbeatable price in incredible performance.

Solid Carbide
- Carbide Block
- Ground rod
- Blank Spitted
- Twist drill
- Endmill

Grinding Wheel Cup

Cut-Off Disc
Mount on spindle and grind. Solid aluminum cup from coarse to super fine abrasive compound, accept high RPM grinding operation , grit 75-800, con75 grinding wheel cup. Available CBN & Diamond type.


Diamond Need File
  Diamond Needle File
Straight, Riffler Set


Ultra-Tool, USA
World's leading carbide tool supplier, supply co1mplete regular, coated metal removal tool for extreme, picky tool makers.
- ground rod
- twist drill
- endmill
- reamer